Your Guardian Angel.
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About our product

Reflor is a better way of wearing Your reflector.
1) Add your reflector to the Reflor and quickly attach it to any clothing, using the pin behind the product.
2) Pull the reflector out to your knee-height when going out.
3) Push the logo to retract Your Reflor again.

This season we have developed Reflor to meet all the user needs.
To see more photos of the new Reflor, go to the Pictures section below.

About the company

Reflor was founded in 2013 as a student company and continued in 2014 as an EwB(international student company). The team competed in national competitions and won several main prizes both years.
By today, thousands of people wear Reflors!

Why Reflor?

Why use a Reflor? Why did we found it?

"Reflectors get stuck between car doors and tie up with the keys in my pocket."

Pull your reflector out to your knee height when going out and pull it in by pushing the logo when going indoors.

"My reflector is attached to my other coat, so I can not wear one tonight."

Moving Reflor from one jacket to another before going out takes seconds.

"Reflectors look bad on my outfits."

Reflor is easy to hide or to take off completely. Just be sure to wear it on dark streets.

"Reflectors break my clothes."

Unlike a safety pin - a needle, Reflor attaches with a strong clip.


Pictures of the new product.

The button.
Open photo
The clip of Reflor.
Open photo
Reflor and the pillow-box.
Open photo

Meet Our Team

Lennar Lehestik

Founder of Reflor.
Student at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

Kaspar Kulm

Founder of Reflor.
Student at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

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